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You will earn between 1 and 2 hours of community service for each vlog that is submitted and approved to be published on our social media platforms and/or on our Website. and you will be automatically entered into the monthly giveaway (if applicable.)

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Current Topics

The importance of peer-to-peer support in your life

Submit content before January 30, 2018, HERE

2 options

  1.  Express yourself in a blog about the topics listed below  - We encourage you to come up with your own ideas as well!
    1. Why is sharing with peers easier than with adults?
    2. Do adults judge you?
    3. Are you afraid of sharing with adults?
    4. Why are friends and peers more qualified to comfort you?
    5. Give a personal example of when friends/peers were key to helping you feel better?
    6. Give a personal example of when they were there for you
    7. Give a personal example of when you supported friends/peers and why you felt they needed you?
    8. How bonded do you feel to your friends?
    9. Who do you trust more: an adult you don’t know or a peer you don’t know?
    10. When you’ve done something you feel ashamed of, do you share it with friends? Siblings? Parents? Adults around you?
    11. Imagine that there were safe, supportive online group chats facilitated by teens. Would you be interested in participating? Why?
  2. You can choose to address a different topic. Click HERE to see a list.

Please respect these tips & guidelines

  1. You must be true to yourself: share what's true to you
  2. Keep your blog between 500 and 600 words
  3. ALWAYS upload an image as well to illustrate your blog. Files must be jpeg, tiff, png, psd or pdf
  4. If you use an existing photo, you must use ONLY copyright free photos or some artists authorize non-profits to use their work but they asked to be credited. If it is the case, don't forget to mention it when you upload the graphic so we can credit the artist in the text. 
  5. Editing is your friend! Reread your blog, edit, keep only the most interesting parts
  6. DO NOT share any personal information such as last names, schools, streets, phone numbers etc.
  7. Blog files can be any type of text files. An image must ALWAYS accompany your blog and must be jpeg, tiff, png, psd, pdf files
  8. Be respectful and appropriate. Honor our community rules
  9. Your piece(s) MUST be your own original creation(s); do not infringe on any other person’s or entity’s rights. Be sure that every person represented has given the approval to participate in the piece and has agreed to Give Us The Floor terms of services and giveaway rules.
  10. Your piece MUST NEVER HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED BEFORE. It's easy for us to find out, so please don't even try

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You're ready to roll...good luck! Thank you for your efforts in helping your peers remember they’re not alone 😃❤️

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