HERE, WE CAN DARE TO SHARE WHAT IS TRUE TO US: Give Us The Floor is a unique safe and supportive place where we help each other. We can talk freely about our struggles and experiences with peers who are going through, or have gone through, the same challenges. We are a community of young people connected by our challenges, interests, and questions.

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4 Ways to get involved
1- Subscribe to our awesome newsletter and get invited to our online and in-person events + updates of what other teens publish HERE
2- Give power to your voice: Share your struggles, experiences or achievements through videos, photos, graphics, blogs etc. HERE
3- Participate in our Supportive peer to peer Group Chat(s) HERE
4- Become a teen member HERE (
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Our Vision

If teenagers can share freely and safely with peers the difficulties they go through, if they can safely voice the challenges they face, there is no more stigma nor taboo and it allows them to believe in themselves and in their future.

Our Mission

To create and support a safe and trustworthy environment where we, as teenagers, know that whatever challenge we struggle with, Give Us The Floor is THE place where we will find peers that have faced or are facing the same challenges. This is a place where teens encourage, support each other, and share wisdom. A place where we understand that we share common challenges and that we are not alone.


“GUTF has made me realize positive things about myself. It's provided me with a supportive and community-based platform in which I can truly express myself.”

“It's made me realize that there are many people who are going through problems just like I am"

“Made me stopped feeling alone, having a 2nd family”

“GUTF has helped me by putting me in contact with people going through the same things as me.”

"A place where I can express my thoughts, ideas, and emotions without any judgment.”

“GUTF has helped me by knowing that everyone struggles so your not alone and that there is always people to support you.”

“Helped me having more confidence in myself and my skills.

“GUTF has helped me by letting me talk about my struggles"

“GUTF gave me so many chances to communicate to more people. I have noticed that I love helping teens. I may have a low self-esteem but as time goes on I think I know that I have to be more confident in my decisions. I believe that GUTF will help me achieve this goal.”

“It helped me express my emotions better.”

“It has given me the space to find my voice.”

“Being able to talk to people.”

Learn more: About GUTF



Hi! I'm Alexis, I'm a senior in high school at a small school in Minnesota. I have 4 siblings and love to spend time making and listening to music as well as volunteering in my community. I joined Give Us the Floor because I wanted to be able to show other teens that we have the power to help others, regardless of what society may think. I wanted to be an intern because I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to share my support of what teens are going through and to hopefully help others through issues in their lives.

NEW Blanche Stora Headshot

Hi! I’m Blanche. I’m French and I moved to San Francisco a few years ago. I love it here. All the people are so friendly and every person I meet is different in a good way. I joined Give Us The Floor because I wanted a space where I could talk to other people who have been through the same things as me or who would understand even if they haven’t been through what I have. I love helping people get through challenges or if I can’t help them, at least they know they can talk to me anytime.


My name is Lyric. I live in Detroit.  I wanted to join Give Us The floor because they are giving the youth a chance to actually use their voice. That has always been a passion to me because so many people downplay our voices but it's really amazing to be a part of this organization which is breaking barriers.

Maggie Headshot

My name is Dai-Ning (Maggie, and I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. I moved to Beijing when I started elementary school and then transferred to the States last year as a sophomore in high school. I live in Anaheim Hills, CA. As an Asian newcomer, racial discrimination and prejudice have then been revealing them quite commonly to me. Here, I don’t want to talk about it too much, as I have no intention to make this bio full of negativity. I just want to highlight my motivation of becoming an intern of GUTF to express myself safely and freely. I am happy that this organization has been founded by our kind and dear Ms. Valerie for the sake of teenagers, and I am forever glad to be a part of this great cause. God bless, and thank you for your time.



I am a young adult blogger, TV personality and influencer. I’m one of the youngest people in the fashion industry and I speak frequently on body image and teen issues, trying to inspire the world with my personal story and the confidence I possess. I've done some vlogs for Give Us The Floor because I really believe in their mission to help connect, support, and inspire teens.


Social Media
Hi! My name is Allison. I have many interests, but one of them would be reading! I love reading fictional young adult books and nothing is better than staying at home and reading. Another thing I love to do is to play tennis or badminton. I love playing either one of these sports because they are both easy and fun. My favorite topic in school would be either Language Arts or Leadership and I usually maintain a 4.0 GPA. I only recently learned about Give Us The Floor and I was quickly fascinated by the organization so I joined immediately. I really like what they do and I am sure that I will have loads of fun joining!

Ava Boloyan headshot square

Discussion Group Participant
My name is Ava and I am an 8th grader. I enjoy playing softball and volleyball in my free time and I like to hang out with my friends. I joined Give Us The Floor to meet new people and be around people who go through the same things that I do.


Ambassador, Blogger, Creative Team
Hi! I’m Blanche. I’m French and I moved to San Francisco a fewe years ago. I love it here. All the people are so friendly and every person I meet is different in a good way. I joined Give US The Floor because I wanted a space where I could talk to other people who have been through the same things as me or who would understand even if they haven’t been through what I have. I love helping people get through challenges or if I can’t help them, at least they know they can talk to me anytime.

Carson Chan

Creative Team
Hola! Mi nombre es Carsontino. I’m nothin special but another 90s kiddo. I’m one of the Social Media managers of Give Us The Floor. The main reason I’m doing this is cuz I’ve also been through hella problems that I couldn’t just tell anyone. I know how much it means to have someone to talk about your problems, especially with supportive people, and it's cool not having to put my name behind every word I say. This was what I wanted for myself, and I wanna bring this to other teens because I know this would've helped a lot during hard periods of my life. I came from Hong Kong, when I arrived I didn’t have or know sh*t. Not to mention that I also had a problematic fam. I’ve struggled for about 3 yrs and been through many challenges that I thought I wouldn't be able to get through. Give Us The Floor could’ve been my support. Though it didn’t come early enough for me, I still want other homies to have this kind of support.


Blogger & Social Media
Hi! I'm usually productive (that's a lie) when I'm not life deep in TV shows and nose deep in my computer (watching Netflix duh). I am a lover of music, books, gameplay (seriously, I watch too much), and sushi! I joined Give Us the Floor for my own voice and the chance to create new experiences. After many years of feeling washed out and ignored, I can help other teens and show the world that I exist and that I'm ready to make an impact.


Creative Team & Social Media
Most days I don't like being serious. I like being goofy around my friends and laughing with them. I listen to Korean music, explore new things and try to learn interesting things. I also love to play games. I take piano classes and I do not do well when playing in front of a crowd. I wanted to join Give Us The Floor since 8th grade. It was a chance for me to start getting to know more people and be less shy when it comes to talking to new people.


Hi my name is Gabrielle. I am a childhood cancer survivor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and public speaker who spreads a message of positivity. I truly believe that life is a gift and every situation can be made into a positive. I love spending time with my family and friends, writing, as well as brightening the days of sick children in hospitals. Know that with the right outlook life has unimaginable possibilities. 


Ambassador, Blogger & Discussion Leader
I am currently a sophomore and I joined Give Us the Floor because I feel like this organization is unique in so many different ways. I have never seen an organization in my school that allows teenagers to engage in a discussion that could lead to a vast array of topics. It also interests me that we are all culturally diverse which will lead to meaningful conversations. Additionally, I hope to learn more about many of the issues other teenagers are facing today. In this way, we can all better understand each other.


Ambassador, Blogger & Social Media Team
Hello, my name is Jada! I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, learning something new every day, traveling the world, and trying new things. I decided to join Give Us The Floor and become a blogger so I can share my ideas and experiences with other teens. I'm excited for what GUTF has to offer and I'm hoping to make an impact. I'm not only looking to benefit from this just myself but to help and influence the lives of many others as well.

Jaylen Jones Headshot_GUTF

Social Media
Hi my name is Jaylen. I like to read and write as much as I can. I like to play sports as well. I play soccer, basketball, as well as dance. I also play the piano. I have a strong passion in art and I like to draw in my free time. My favorite classes in school are science, math and ELA (english language arts). I joined GUTF because it is a way to express my voice as a teen. I also like to be able to talk to other teens about our experiences. I think it is a great idea for kids that may not be able to express their own voice. It gives them a voice and I think that helps them a lot.

Jennifer Headshot

Hiya, I'm just your average high school student that enjoys sharing some of life's funny moments through writing and drawing. Life is like a story, whatever you do is written down as history in your memories. The thing is you decide what you want to do with your life. I chose to be a blogger because I've decided to share what some of life's funny moments have to offer. If you travel around by taking muni like me, occasionally completely random stuff will happen, which can be pretty entertaining at times. As a teen in the Bay Area, I have seen some seemingly impossible events despite the odds. When I came to Give Us The Floor, it did not feel like I was entering a classroom. Teens have a voice here, can make an impact, basically teens are in charge here. It is your story, your life, choose what you believe is best for you, because when you grow up adults won't be telling you what to do.


Intern, Blogger & Creative Team
Hi, my name is Jennifer but I prefer to be called "Jenny". I am a unique individual. I love to draw, write stories, and try new things. I like to think of myself as a walking sunshine 🙂
However, just like everyone else, I do have to deal with issues and drama. Talking about those issues with friends and finding a better outlet is why I joined, Give Us The Floor. Teenagers from all over come together as one, like a team. We bond and share our struggles throughout life 😀


Social Media
Hey guys! I’m Jose and my life has mostly revolved around sports. I consider myself to be really athletic and I love it all being that I mostly play soccer and run track. My position in soccer is goalkeeper and I run the 800 meter (2 laps) and the 400 meter (1 Lap) in track. I like school, i just don’t like math, AT ALL. I love history and human anatomy and physiology, those would be my favorite subjects in school. I do however procrastinate a lot and during that procrastination period, I usually online shop, or watch Netflix! I like to dress up. As in dress with button ups and chucka boots and all that good stuff. I like looking good because I feel good when I do. I consider myself to be a nice and outgoing guy and my personality enables me to have a conversation with different types of friend groups. So that’s me! The reason I joined Give Us The Floor was because I like the idea of giving teens a voice when everyone else seems to take it from us. I like how this organization wants to spread positivity and I want to be a part of that.


Ambassador, Creative Team & Journalist
My interests are in almost anything. My mind wanders as well as my interest so I naturally find things I like to do or even pursue from skateboarding and hiking to drawing and writing, to playing instruments and singing, however my least and most favorite interest (which I am terrible at controlling) is procrastination! I find fun in anything but more so when interacting with other people whether it'd be playing a game of chess (which I dominate in) or even singing terribly along with friends while driving to go bowling. I joined Give Us The Floor to help others and volunteer anything I can offer whether it'd be public speaking, writing blogs, filming stories, and even coming up with new ideas to further the organization itself.


Ambassador, Blogger & Discussion Leader

I am currently a sophomore and I joined Give Us the Floor because I feel like this organization is unique in so many different ways. I have never seen an organization in my school that allows teenagers to engage in a discussion that could lead to a vast array of topics. It also interests me that we are all culturally diverse which will lead to meaningful conversations. Additionally, I hope to learn more about many of the issues other teenagers are facing today. In this way, we can all better understand each other.


Blogger & Social Media
Hi, I'm Kaitlin, and I never know what to say when writing this stuff. I am a teen living in the Bay Area with major wanderlust. I love photography, books, and most importantly, food! My friends know me as a sarcastic and chatty person and I show my love for them by being the most annoying person to them, but they love me anyway! I used to know what I wanted to do with my future, but now, I don't. However, I do know that I want to live in New York City one day. I joined Give Us The Floor because I love working with people on projects, events, and more of that fun stuff. I also like being able to have a voice and an opinion and I really loved how Give Us The Floor allows me to do that and reach out to people who I can somehow relate to. Other than school, reading, and helping out with Give Us the Floor I also run a personal blog!

Leif Caratiquit headshot

Creative Team
Hi, my name’s Leif! Art, music, photography, and contributing to my community via Key Club are a few things that I often like to do in my spare time. I found out about Give Us The Floor through one of my good friends that introduced me to the organization when he invited me to come to one of the meetings. I felt that I needed a better outlet to essentially get my voice heard about certain topics while incorporating many of the things that I like to do, and Give Us The Floor was definitely the place.


Ambassador, Blogger & Creative Team - Past Intern

Hello, my name is Marisa - I enjoy literature, writing, photography, and filmmaking. As a lover of tea, coffeehouses, and year-round turtleneck wearing, I joined Give Us The Floor as an outlet for free expression and to get my ideas out there. Creativity and expression are two simple pleasures I cherish and Give Us The Floor is an excellent platform to do so. I think in any situation, it's always good to have people you can talk to about it. Give Us The Floor being the place to do so. So to conclude, don't do drugs. Except caffeine. Do caffeine.


Ambassador & Blogger
Introductions are awkward especially ones that are not done personally, but I’ll do my best to tell you about myself. You may say that I’m a “stereotypical Asian” who has good grades, is introverted, and is way too obsessed with kpop, dramas, and manga, but I’m much more than that. I have an extremely sarcastic personality, and I tend to speak before I think. However, I’ll stop my introductions there. It’ll be no fun if you knew everything about me before we met. But I’ll tell you this, as someone who enjoys working with people and hopes to continue to do the same in the future, hearing about Give Us The Floor made me think that I now not only have the opportunity to be able to be heard, but I can also be of help to others too. I admire how down to earth and personal this program allows me to be and I hope that I can be there for others and help them by being more than just a random person on the street or another teenager there and be a source of support for others and, more importantly, a friend.

Melita Headshot

Ambassador, Creative Team, Discussion Leader & Journalist - Past Intern

I have way too many interests to list, but my top three obsessions right now are sports, kpop and reading. I’ve tried numerous activities. I’ve found out that I love softball and golf, met so many awesome people, started learning multiple languages like Mandarin and Korean, found this awesome teen-led organization (Give Us The Floor), and so much more. I hope with this amazing organization, I can overcome most of my negative experiences. I am also learning how to give helpful advice to people from my point of view. If you want to try out different roles and learn new skills, or if you are experiencing some terrible times or want to help other teenagers, this is the place to be.


Social Media
Hey! My name is Muskaan (mus - khan). I am a social media manager here at Give Us The Floor. I am a Netflix enthusiast and my favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder (ShondaLand!). My favorite hobby is eating and I love Tumblr. I also really love to read! I'm an intersectional feminist as social justice is something that I think is very important. I love educating the people around me about such issues so that I can help increase awareness. The reason I joined Give Us the Floor was because our school had done a project with them and from there, my interest sparked! 😛


Blogger & Social Media
Hi! My name is Naomi and let me tell you a couple things about me. I´m a happy and creative person when it comes to making a project come to life. I love reading inspirational stories and quotes because it makes me believe that I can achieve. The reason why I joinedGive Us The Floor is because it's an opportunity for me to have my thoughts and life experiences turned into helpful positive statements for other teens and myself. Thank you for reading this and learning a little bit about me.


Intern, Creative Team & Social Media
Aye, I'm Nathan (or Nate Yo) and I'm just an average teenager going through life just like everyone else. I like to watch sports, play games, create new things and ideas, and have fun. I like to think deeply about different subjects, and that causes me to think ambitiously. I like making things, especially videos and sometimes Legos. And just like most people, I have friends, and those friends have issues that are pretty hard to deal with. That's why I joined Give Us The Floor, so that I can have a chance to express myself through creativity, to bring relatability to my friends, and hopefully other people. Most of my friends don't know how to deal with their problems, so I hope that this will help me to help them get through this tough period in their lives.


Social Media
Hi! My name is Parneet and this is my first year joining Give Us The Floor. I enjoy working on issues relating to the environment and human rights. I am excited to talk to teens my age and connect with problems and concerns we face. I volunteer at my local food pantry since community involvement is important to me. I play golf, sing, and spend time with friends during my free time. I really wanted to join Give Us The Floor, because it is a chance for me to meet new people and learn about different issues and ideas. Together we can hopefully solve some of them. I look forward to being a part of Give Us the Floor!


Blogger, Creative Team & Journalist
Hi my name is Paul, and I like to narrow myself down to 3 main interests of mine: music, cars, and skateboarding. I mostly am better off with music because I do that more often. I play bass and have been for quite a while now. I joined Give Us the Floor mainly because a friend that invited me, and so I sat in one of their meetings. It was sort of awkward at first because I just sat there listening to everyone talk. But then hearing all of their ideas and topics for teens and the youth of today was, I don't know, it kind of felt like if all these ideas and plans keep going, something here is going to eventually change the world, and that's why I made the decision to join in it.

Riley Cummings Headshot

Riley C.
Blogger & Discussion Group Participant
Hi! My name is Riley, and I'm 13 years old. I'm a self-proclaimed advocate for LGBT rights. I joined Give Us The Floor because I can find others in a similar situation to the one I'm currently in, and I can help others if they are struggling.

Savanna Headshot

Ambassador, Blogger, Film Maker, Discussion Leader & Journalist
Normally talking about myself isn’t really one of my strong points, but there are a few simple things I am willing to let all of you know! Of course, I love my family and friends. I come from a wide variety of heritages. But I mostly just consider myself Venezuelan. Besides my family and friends, my life consists of three things: music, sports, and school. I play the piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, and I’m not too bad on vocals. I play tennis, soccer, and I love the outdoors. I currently hold a 4.1 GPA and I take college classes (I really am a big nerd, but it’s okay because I actually like school). As for my future, I personally have no clue whatsoever. That is why I joined Give Us The Floor. I need inspiration. I want to be motivated by other teens. I also sometimes feel like nobody listens to me, which sucks because I feel like some of my input could be really useful. That is why I decided to be a discussion leader for Give Us The Floor. This way I can share my thoughts on different topics, as well as listen to others.

Shayna Headshot

Creative Team, Past-Intern

I enjoy reading, watching and making films, and traveling. The Bay Area’s uniqueness brought together this organization of supportive teens that I stumbled across. After my first meeting, I left with good vibes and a project to work on inspired by ideas from teens throughout the bay. This way, I could open up more about difficult situations I face with people I could relate to. I like that we set goals each meeting because it helps me learn to stick to them in the future. I find that a lot comes out of our meetings, even when you just sit back and listen to others speak. The mutual support from these teens helps us learn and grow from each other. I'm excited for the challenges, meeting new friends, and supporting other teens, which we both benefit from.

vanessa tran headshot_square

Blogger, Creative Team & Social Media

Hello! My name is Vanessa and I joined Give Us The Floor to experience new things and to meet more people, and I have already done just that. I have interests in health, specifically healthcare reform and also calculus! In my free time, I eat brunch, sing and watch a variety of different TV series, movies and documentaries. I look forward to meeting you guys. ^_^










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Shayna Headshot


vanessa tran headshot_square