Give Us The Floor is a supportive and safe community of teens.

As a community member, you agree to follow these rules:

1- Creative Pieces Uploaded on GUTF’s Website in order to be published

  • In these pieces, You must share your experience facing struggles and challenges or your journey to something that makes you proud of yourself
  • You must be between 13 and 22
  • These pieces must be genuine (We can recognize if you try to fake it and we won’t accept your piece)
  • You must not gossip, be disrespectful or inappropriate in any way
  • You can express yourself casually and freely about your thoughts. It is okay to disagree with other’s point of view as long as you respect them: We agree to disagree!
  • GUTF has decided to stay away from politics and religion, BUT you are free to express yourself about how they impact you as a young person

2- Online Meetings, In-person Meetings, and Messaging Supportive Groups

  • Whatever is shared between members of the organization stays there. We do not gossip.
  • We can talk casually and freely.
  • It’s important that we remain open to others and new ideas.
  • We agree to disagree. We respect each other’s values.
  • We always have the right to pass. No one forces anyone to speak or do anything. Do what’s best for you as an individual.

If you are harassed or treated in an inappropriate way by other member(s) or adult(s), or if you are the witness of such behavior, it is your duty to report it immediately to an adult volunteer or employee, or a teen intern, or a teen group facilitator. If ever you don’t feel comfortable reporting it or can’t say anything, then email Valerie right away at (GUTF’s founder).
If someone is hurting you or another member, then that person can potentially hurt others. It is critical to stop this person.

Note: Give Us The Floor runs background checks on every adult in contact with teen members.

A Mandated Reporting Situation for the adult team is if a member is involved in, threatened by, or could potentially be involved in a situation that is violent in any way (self-harm or harm to others). This includes suicide, child abuse, violence, or murder.