Leader & Creator Paid Internship Description

Application deadline: Thursday March 14, 2019 - Midnight Pacific Time

As a Leader and Creator Intern, you will be a full team member of Give Us The Floor and you are accountable for RESPECTING THE DEADLINE of your creative assignments. Your role is to promote, create content to raise awareness about the challenges teens face, as well as talk about achievements and lead a supportive group chat

6-month paid internship from April 1st, 2019 – September 30, 2019: If you’re selected, you will earn a total of $420 + 30 hrs of community service

Number of positions: 6

Voluntary Portion

  • Be an involved teen team member
  • Follow us on Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube
  • Participate in at least 3 online trainings.  2 will help you become a leader of a supportive group chat (Learn more here), and 1 will train you on the content you'll have to create
  • Lead at least 1 supportive group chat - Learn more here
  • Raise awareness about GUTF
    • Make announcements on your social media profiles, post flyers around your community,
    • Get friends/peers interested in participating in a supportive group chat
    • Get friends/peers interested in submitting content by pointing out how they can impact youth by sharing their challenges and achievements
    • When GUTF runs campaigns on Social Media, tell ALL your friends and people you know about this great opportunity and to go follow us on Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube

Paid Internship Commitments

  • Each week
    • Create at least 3 graphics on the topic that will be given to you that are accepted to be posted
    • Like AND comment on at least 3 Instagram posts per week
    • Like AND comment on at least 1 video on Youtube
    • Share, at least once a week, on Snapchat, something you’re doing for GUTF
  • Twice a month
    • Film yourself (vlogs) or interview at least 3 of teens about topics that will be given to you. The editing will be taken care of by the adult team
  • Attend online meetings when requested by the adult team or by other interns as needed

You could also be assigned other duties such as reviewing the website, a campaign, answering surveys etc.

Ready to apply?

Application deadline: March 14, 2019  - Midnight Pacific Time