What is Give Us The Floor

What a "Teens Take The Floor" event looks like

Each Month, get a chance to be among the 10 winners!

Upload videos, vlogs, graphics, blogs etc. about your struggles and experiences
September 2017: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes are $300, $150 & $50 Amazon gift cards
Not winning doesn't mean your pieces are not worthwhile! We'll publish them so other teens can learn from them and understand they're not alone*
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5 Reasons to Get Involved

1- Belong to a community of like-minded peers
2- Express yourself freely (We'll help you build skills if you wish)
3- Participate in a private supportive text group
4- Make a difference for other teens
5- Earn community service hours

Teens: 4 Ways to get involved

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4- Become a teen member HERE

Questions, hesitations? Don't be shy, connect with one of our teen interns:

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Illuminate dedicated a light on the Bay Bridge to Give Us The Floor  - Video by Jada


TOP 3, 2017 (so far)

Hayley Reardon: Her struggles, her blessings - Interview by Jessica and Savanna

Teens Take The Floor Event: Body Image & Academic Pressure - Video by Carson


Being White-Passing - Vlog by Sophia

Teens Take the Floor about Body Image - Video by Ben, Phil, Carla, Selena, Shannea, Amaya

How I was bullied - Vlog by Alex Curtis

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