HOTLINES & RESOURCES - Don't wait to ask for help!

Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline

Helps those impacted by child abuse by providing 24/7 confidential crisis counselor support in over 170 languages
Crisis intervention, information and referrals to thousands of support services
Call:1-800-422-4453 or

College Guides for LGBTQ Students

Crisis Text Line

Offers free, 24/7 emotional support for those in crisis
Text SUPPORT to 741-741 or

Disaster Distress Helpline

A national hotline with trained crisis counselors who provide year-round immediate counseling for those experiencing emotional
distress related to any natural or human-caused disaster (fire, earthquake, tornado, etc.)
1-800-985-5990 - Text TalkWithUs to 66746 or

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Dedicated to helping those affected by mental illness, trained professionals run the NAMI HelpLine
Call 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) or Email or

National Domestic Violence Hotline

24/7 free, confidential support from highly trained experienced advocates offering support, crisis intervention information,
and referral services
Call 1-800-799-7233 or

National Eating Disorders Association

Support for individuals and families affected by eating disorders
Call 1-800-931-2237 or

National Runaway Safeline

24-hour support for teens thinking of running away from home, for those who have runaway or for friends of someone who has runaway and is looking for help
Call 1-800-RUNAWAY or

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Trained professionals helping those impacted by sexual violence nationwide
Call: 1-800-656-HOPE or

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

A 24-hour, toll-free, confidential suicide prevention hotline for anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress
Call: 1-800-273-TALK(8255) or

Planned Parenthood

Runs over 700 health centers and provides info on health, sex, and family planning
Call: 1-800-230-PLAN
Answers to teens' sexual health questions:
Chat online with a health educator:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Provides help for those facing prescription drug misuse and abuse with intervention, prevention, treatment, and recovery support services
Call: (800) 662-HELP or (800) 662-4357 for info on prevention and treatment referrals

The Bully Project

It’s easy to feel powerless or alone when faced with bullying. You can find there a lot of great tools and advice and help

Trevor Support Center

Crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ and questioning youth
Call: 1-866-488-7386 or Text the word “Trevor” to 1-202-304-1200 or

Sunshine Behavioral Health

Guide for dealing with Cyber Bullying:

  • Hotlines For Help
  • Cyber Bullying information
  • Advice for Parents on Cyber Bullying
  • Cyber Bullying and Mental Health

Some Supporting Communities if you're 20 or older

Feeling Kinda Blue is a social networking site established to serve those living with depression, anxiety, grief, emotional pain, and other mental illnesses. The mission is to reduce social isolation by making connections through experience sharing. Originally founded in St Louis, Missouri, members are able to share their everyday experiences, on good days and on bad. Members chat, create blogs, join groups, share artwork, music, and photos or sometimes they just observe. It's about connecting!

Trevor Space
TrevorSpace is a social networking site for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) youth under 25 and their friends and allies. This is under the umbrella of The Trevor Project.


What does Give Us The Floor do?

Give Us The Floor (GUTF) is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization. We help teens deal with distress through unique, peer support groups that leverage social media to provide constant contact and anonymity in a teen-only community. Trained teens facilitate these confidential, teen-only, Supportive Group Chats and members help each other with common mental health and social issues such as depression, isolation, anxiety, body image, bullying and relationships.
Check our YouTube channel and our Instagram profile.

"It’s all controlled by us, all by the teenagers, all by the youth. And the adults are there, there are adults, but they are just over watching us; but we are the ones that actually control what we want to be done" ~ Paul, 18, California

How do I earn Community Service hours?
Supportive Group Chat facilitators earn community service hours for the time spent moderating group chats.

What kind of youth struggles does Give Us The Floor address?

  • Academic Pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Anxiety About the Future
  • Body Image
  • Bullying
  • Consent
  • Death / Anxiety about death
  • Depression
  • Discrimination
  • Eating Disorders
  • Gun violence / Mass shootings
  • Health
  • Identity, Gender
  • Invasion of privacy by family members or other adults
  • Issues with Family
  • Life adversity
  • Loneliness / Isolation
  • Pressure (family, peers, society)
  • Relationships (Love, friends, family)
  • Self-Love / Self-Esteem
  • Abuse (sexual, physical, verbal, emotional)
  • Sexuality
  • Substance Abuse
  • Others (it’s a “By Teen - For Teen” community and we are open to any topic you would like to address)


What is a Supportive Group Chat?
Supportive group chats are teen-only groups that share their day-to-day difficulties, insight, shame and pride. It is a supportive group of youth. ages 13-19 where you will be helped one day, and help others another day. Teens in these groups have a strong sense of not feeling alone. It’s a trusted place to vent, share your difficulties with teens who relate. Participants are from all over the US
All our Community Rules are strictly enforced by the facilitator(s)

The Supportive Group Chats are on Snapchat.

How do I Join a Supportive Group Chat?
By registering HERE. We’ll get you in a group as soon as possible! To speed up the process, please friend us on Snapchat @gutfgroups once you create your profile and watch for our DM.

Do all the Supportive Group Chats talk about the same things?
Yes. When you sign up, you will let us know what topic you prefer to focus on. This doesn't mean your group talks just about that topic. The groups talk mainly about the day-to-day difficulties that the members experience.
The options  that are offered to you are
- Mental Health
- Life Challenges

Requirements to join a Supportive Group Chat
Being between 13 and 19, that’s it!

What is the commitment when joining a Supportive Group Chat?
None! There is no commitment in joining one. You participate whenever you want and you can quit whenever you want. It's nice if you let you know so someone can benefit from your spot ???? . Nobody will resent you for leaving! Though if you’re shown as inactive for more than 2 months, you’ll be automatically removed to make space for others 😉

What is the process when I register?
1st step: y
ou first need to sign-up HERE
2nd step:  @gutfgroups will friend you on SnapChat, friend us back as soon as possible - To speed up the process, please friend us on Snapchat @gutfgroups once you create your profile and watch for our DM -
3rd step: We'll DM you the community rules to make sure they are okay with you. Abiding by them is mandatory and the facilitators strictly enforce them
An adult advisor will reach out and add you into a group as soon as a spot opens. Be sure the team of Adult Advisors is doing its best to onboard everybody as fast as possible! Sometimes we have so much demand and not enough trained facilitators that it takes longer than we'd like. Generally, it will take between 7 and 15 days but can take longer sometimes

I registered, but haven’t heard from anyone at GUTF, what do I do?
The team is doing its best to onboard new members as soon as possible but sometimes, we have so much demand that it can take up to 10 days for us to reach out to you via Snapchat. If you're concerned or if it has been longer, please reach out to us on Snapchat @giveusthefloor or email us and we’ll get back to you quickly. Do not hesitate to reach out, please! To speed up the process, please friend us on Snapchat @gutfgroups once you create your profile and watch for our DM -


How will I benefit by belonging to the Give Us The Floor community?
5 Reasons to Get Involved

  1. Belong to a community of like-minded peers
  2. Express yourself freely
  3. Make a difference for other teens
  4. Earn community service hours while having fun. Learn how here
  5. Create cool creative content - check out our YouTube Channel

How do the community members participate and bring insight?
You have a lot of possibilities!
What you decide to do and the time you want to commit to get involved is entirely up to you!

  1. You can participate in Supportive Group Chat(s) Learn more here
  2. You can be trained and facilitate Supportive Group Chat(s) Learn how here
  3. You can create videos, vlogs, comics, blog posts where you share the difficulties you faced or are facing. If your pieces are aligned with our mission,  we will publish them on our social media profiles and promote them - Check our YouTube channel, Instagram profile, Medium page
  4. You can interview Celebrities, Influencers, Peers who share their own challenges they faced when they were teens. Check our YouTube channel - interviews playlist
  5. You can spread the word in your school by talking to teachers about the importance of our mission and ask them to give GUTF flyers to their students, or in extra-scholar organizations

Options #2 to #5 will allow you to earn Community Service Hours

Do I have to do all of the above if I decide to become a member?
Not at all! How you want to get involved and how much time you spend is totally up to you! When you sign up, you will be asked what you’d like to be involved in.
And, no pressure! You can change your mind whenever you feel like, switch to other types of involvement, reduce your involvement or increase it!

What is the level of time commitment as a community member?
You decide how much time you want to put in.

Can anyone join the community?
Yes! But you must be between the ages of 13-19 and agree with the community rules.

Do I need to be able to meet in-person to be a teen team member?
No, Give Us The Floor is a safe online community. Each training /meeting is online.

Are there deadlines for projects?
Not for your personal projects, though, if it is related to a calendar event, if the date is missed, it can’t be published.

Do I have to live in a specific geographical area to join?
No! We are a national and international community. The only restriction is that you can’t participate in our contests and sweepstakes if you’re not a resident of the USA. We didn’t decide this. This is the law.

I want to join, but I feel nervous about joining a community with no one I know?
No worries! It’s totally normal to feel that way! Most of the people you will meet online were nervous too on their first day!
A few ways to ease this anxiety:
- Snap @giveusthefloor or email to speak with our community manager about any concerns or questions you may have.
- Once you're a member of a  supportive group, Once you're a member of a supportive group chat, the Adult Advisor team will be available for you if you feel awkward or not at ease in your group. Please do not hesitate to reach out!
And remember, GUTF is a very supportive community of teens who all respect our community rules. We kick people out who are not aligned with our philosophy!


What is the role of a facilitator?
Your role as a Facilitator is to support and encourage genuine conversation, to uphold the comfort and safety guidelines within the group, and to be a liaison between the GUTF adult team and your group.
- Our training provides facilitators with communication and leadership skills that they will use their whole life.

- The volunteer position is a great addition to resumes and college applications.
- Each Facilitator earns 5 hrs of community service per month, provided all the duties listed below are fulfilled. The very active ones can even earn additional hours.
- A role of Senior Facilitator can be offered to the most engaged facilitators

How do I apply to be a Supportive Group Chat facilitator?
Sign-up as a facilitator or DM gutfgroups on SnapChat if you're already a group participant.

What will happen once I have applied?
You will first be onboarded in a group as a participant. To be eligible to be trained as a facilitator, you first need to spend at least 1 month as an active and respectful participant of a Supportive Group Chats. When you become eligible, we will let you know when trainings are happening and you'll be able to sign-up to start a training if you still want to become a facilitator. If you prefer to stay a participant, it is completely up to you! We want you to do what is best for you.
The following step will be that you and one of your guardians sign an agreement online. Once done, you'll be able to start your training.
Questions? Don't hesitate to connect with on Snapchat @giveusthefloor or email

What does the training look like?
The training is made by adults via an online video meeting such as Google Hangout. It is typically over a 3-week period which consists of
- One 90-minute initial online training via video conference
- Two-week mock chat on Snapchat
- One 30-60 minute follow up online training via video conference
- 30 question online quiz

What are the perks in becoming a facilitator?
- 5 hrs of community service per month, provided all duties are fulfilled.
- Master communication and leadership skills that you will use their whole life.
- The volunteer position is a great addition to resumes and college applications.
- Making a difference in peer's lives!
2 additional community service hours + a stipend of $40 per month when graduating to the role of a Senior Facilitator

What are the commitments of a facilitator?
- Commit to 8 weeks minimum to facilitate a group
- Facilitate the chat a minimum of 5 days/week
- Fill out topic survey once per month
- Fill out any other mandatory survey
- Respond to Adult Advisor within 24 hours except if you previously notified you would be on a break
- Report any inappropriate behavior within 12 hours of you seeing it
- Report any members who have left group within 48 hours
- If unable to facilitate the chat for a break notify adult advisor at least 2 weeks ahead. The community service hours will be adjusted prorate to your time off. It can’t be more than 2 weeks in a row every 6 months.
- If you'd like to stop facilitating a group, a minimum of 2-week notice is required

I would love to help peers but I'm a bit afraid that I might not know how to act if something sensitive arises in my group
No worries! You will be fully trained ahead of time to deal with these exact kinds of issues. And any time something sensitive arises, you are required to share it with the Adult Advisor team so you're not alone to deal with it! They are there for you. DM us on Snapchat @gutgroups for extra help anytime!

What is the role of a Senior Facilitator?
A Senior Facilitator is a trained facilitator who helps out in other supportive groups chats as an additional support. Senior facilitators must go through facilitator training and show they are active and responsible facilitators in order to be eligible to be chosen as a Senior Facilitator. A Senior Facilitator earns 2 additional hours of community service and a stipend of $40 per month.

How do I become a Senior Facilitator?
A Facilitator can become a Senior Facilitator after being an active and responsible facilitator, abide by all the commitments of a facilitator for a minimum of 3 months.

Mandatory Report
Because GUTF is located in the State of California and serves a population of adolescents domestically any incident, regardless of location, must be reported to California CPS and/or California local law enforcement.
We care about the safety of our teen members at Give Us The Floor. It’s our priority to support you in staying safe and healthy and to do so in the least invasive way possible. We don’t want to intrude into your life, but in rare circumstances, we may need to take certain actions to ensure your safety and remain compliant with the law. In EXTREMELY rare cases, this means we may contact law enforcement, state authorities, or emergency services if your messages indicate that you are at imminent risk of death or serious injury (e.g., if you have suicidal desires, a plan, access to means, and an imminent timeline), or if we reasonably believe that disclosure is necessary to prevent a person’s death or serious injury. At that point, a trained member of our team might ask you for some personally identifiable information (such as where you are or what your name is). We understand that this can may feel disruptive, and it won’t happen unless we think it’s absolutely necessary. We’ll try to work with you to come up with a safety plan before calling emergency services, if doing so would not increase the imminent risk. We’re not here to tell on you -- we’re here to do our best to support you and others in staying healthy and safe. We may attempt to locate you, but it may not always be possible.
If the content of your messages leads us to reasonably suspect that you are a victim of emotional/physical abuse or neglect and you are 17 years old or younger or a vulnerable dependent adult, we may ask you to verify certain Personally Identifiable Information (such as your date of birth, name, and address) to help us file any required report with an appropriate state authority. You are of course not required to share this information with us.

How do we ensure that Give Us The Floor is a safe place?
- We screen prospective members social media's profiles to make sure they are teenagers
- Community Rules are strictly enforced
- Each member is encouraged to contact the Adult Advisor 24/7 if something does not feel right or if a member does not respect the rules.
- We ask every participant to not share any personal information and to remove geolocation
- One of the rules is to not have 1:1 contact.
- We curate all the content that is submitted by the members before publishing it on our social media platform
- We moderate comments on all our Social Media profiles with zero tolerance on disrespect and lack of tolerance

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to the adult supportive group team at We are happy to provide you with any additional information!

What kind of content/creative pieces can I upload to the site in order to have them published and/or enter giveaways?
- Your piece(s) must meet the following criteria: one or several teens are expressing themselves about your/their struggles, experiences, concerns and/achievements so other teens can learn from them and understand they're not alone. Check our YouTube channel and our Instagram profile to see some examples
- Your piece(s) MUST be your own original creation(s); do not infringe on any other person’s or entity’s rights, that every person represented have given the contestant the approval to participate in the piece have agreed to Give Us The Floor terms of services and contest rules.
- The videos must not be longer than 5 minutes and preferably between 2 and 3 minutes. The resolution must be minimum 960x540. We accept mov and mp4 files
- Your photo/graphics/comics can be accompanied by text or by a blog - the sizes of the files must be minimum 500KB, and must be jpeg, tiff, png, psd, pdf files
- The files for music must be mp3,m4a,aac,
- Blog files can be any type of text files. An image must ALWAYS accompany your blog and must be jpeg, tiff, png, psd, pdf files
Do you need inspiration? Look at what others have done on YouTube and Medium
Some tips
- Be true to yourself. Whether you're creating a video, a photo, a blog, a poem: share what's true to you:
- Vlogs: express yourself about a struggle or an achievement in front of a camera
- Testimonials: interview friends about their struggles or achievements (Make sure they agree to publish the video)
- We advise you to create a video no longer than 3 or 4 minutes and to edit it to keep the most interesting parts
- If you use music, you must credit it at the end of the video and send us a version of the video without the music as well.
- Graphics/Photos: Add some text to make your peers understand better your feelings
- Blogs: the good length is between 500 and 600 words

In every case, Make sure you don't infringe any copyrights. It would disqualify you.

If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at, we'll answer as fast as we can! Please check our Terms of services, privacy policy, Community Rules and contest rules

Why is Give Us The Floor's mission critical?
Learn here

Can adults, counselors or teachers get involved?
Yes! We’re always happy to have help from adults who are supportive of teens and believe in giving teens the floor to express themselves. Please email us at and we’ll get back to you very quickly!

How can I contact the team?
If you’d like to contact the supportive group chat team: Snapchat @giveusthefloor or
If you’d like to contact an adult team member: or go to the contact page

What is GUTF’s privacy policy? Check here

What are GUTF’s Community rules? Check here

What are GUTF’s Terms of Service? Check here

What are the GUTF Contest rules? Check here