Here, we can dare to share what is TRUE to us!

3 group focuses
But every group discusses every aspect of life, including accomplishments.


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Social Anxiety
  • Loneliness / Isolation
  • Mental Disorders
  • Stigma
  • Discrimination
  • and anything else teens dealing with mental health difficulties may struggle with


  • Gender Identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Stigma
  • Loneliness / Isolation
  • Acceptance
  • Discrimination
  • and everything that LGBTQIA+ folks may struggle with


  • Relationships
  • Loneliness / Isolation
  • Academic Pressure
  • Self-Love
  • Bullying
  • Family tensions
  • Discrimination
  • Abuse
  • Sleep issues
  • and anything else members may struggle with

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