Give Us The Floor is a supportive and safe community of teens


1. By joining a supportive chat group, YOU COMMIT TO BEING AN ACTIVE AND RESPECTFUL member of the group.

2. No outside people are allowed if they have been not been screened and approved by Give Us The Floor. If one of your friends/acquaintance want to join, they need to sign-up on

3. Rules we honor

    • Whatever is said in the chat stays there. We do not gossip.
    • No screenshots/screen recording - Facilitators will take screenshots when a rule has been broken
    • No saving chat unless agreed with the group
    • We can talk casually and freely. We respect each other's values
    • Groups are not used for dating or romance
    • No one-to-one contact with other members, unless you have a prior relationship with them
    • There is a no tolerance for bullying or harassment
    • Remain open to others, respect their ideas, opinions
    • Agree to Disagree: Your opinions are yours, no-one else's. Members can’t always agree, remaining respectful and kind are critical to the safety and comfort of group members
    • Use preferred pronouns (bitmojis/names may not be indicative of a person’s preferred pronouns.)
    • If you are uncomfortable with a topic that is being discussed such as drug, sex, etc. It is totally okay to speak up and ask for what you need in the group
    • Try to understand where someone is coming from. Be kind and respectful
    • We always have the right to pass. No one forces anyone to express yourself. Do what's best for you as an individual.

4. Communication skills & Tips

  • In life, more than 80% of communication is nonverbal. When chatting over text we have to be more creative in expressing emotions, so use emojis, bitmojis, gifs is highly encouraged and we must be conscious when choosing our words.
  • When reading chats, we must be aware that we may read something differently than it was meant. Miscommunication happens all the time and even more so over text. If you don’t understand something or think you might be reading something differently, ask questions!!!
  • Remember to scroll up up if you haven’t checked the chat in a day or so! This way you can take breaks as needed, but also can stay up to date with your group members

5. Snapchat Safety Guidelines

  • Ensure your location does not show for the group chat. Turn on “ghost mode” under location, or choose select friends you want to share with [from camera screen: bitmoji face > settings > "see my location" > enable ghost mode]
  • DO NOT share identifying personal details
    • I.e. Last name, School, Street, phone #, Sport Team etc
    • Make sure your last name does not show on your snapchat account.
    • No contact outside group! Unless prior relationship.
    • If you sense a bully/predator, trust your intuition and reach out to the adult mentor!

6. GUTF does not allow members who are romantically involved or who have *personal in real life (IRL) friendships to be in the same group. This helps avoid unnecessary conflict in the supportive group chats and keeps the topics of conversations open to all members. *This rule does not apply to members who signed up to GUTF prior to April 1, 2020.

7. In order to ensure the comfort and safety of all members, posting nude photos of yourself or others, or photos of yourself or others engaging in inappropriate activities (sexual activity, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.) is not allowed in the Supportive Group Chats.

8.If you are uncomfortable with a topic that is being discussed such as drug, sex, etc. It is totally okay to speak up and ask for what you need in the group

All group members have the contact information for the adult mentor and are strongly advised to contact them if an uncomfortable situation or a conflict arises. It is your responsibility to speak up and ask for what you need and/or to report if you see someone being bullied or harassed. 

In order to maintain contact members must stay friends with gutfgroups on snapchat.

If a member of the chat group is involved in, threatened by, or could potentially be involved in a situation that is violent in any way (self-harm or harm to others), this includes: suicide, child abuse, violence, or murder,  ALL GROUP MEMBERS are responsible for immediately reporting to the adult.

If you are harassed or treated in an inappropriate way by other member(s) or adult(s), or if you are the witness of such behavior, it is your duty to report it immediately to an adult volunteer or employee, or a teen intern, or a teen group facilitator. If ever you don’t feel comfortable reporting it or can’t say anything, then email Valerie right away at (GUTF’s founder).
If someone is hurting you or another member, then that person can potentially hurt others. It is critical to stop this person.

Note: Give Us The Floor runs background checks on every adult in contact with teen members.

A Mandated Reporting Situation for the adult team is if a member is involved in, threatened by, or could potentially be involved in a situation that is violent in any way (self-harm or harm to others). This includes suicide, child abuse, violence, or murder.

Contact the adult advisor: snap gutfgroups or email


Creative Pieces Uploaded on GUTF’s Website in order to be published

  • In these pieces, You must share your experience facing struggles and challenges or your journey to something that makes you proud of yourself
  • You must be between 13 and 22
  • Your piece(s) MUST be your own original creation(s); do not infringe on any other person’s or entity’s rights, that every person represented have given the author the approval to participate in the piece have agreed to Give Us The Floor terms of services and contest rules.
  • These pieces must be genuine (We can recognize if you try to fake it and we won’t accept your piece)
  • You must not gossip, be disrespectful or inappropriate in any way
  • You can express yourself casually and freely about your thoughts. It is okay to disagree with other’s point of view as long as you respect them: We agree to disagree!
  • GUTF has decided to stay away from politics and religion, BUT you are free to express yourself about how they impact you as a young person

More details on the pieces you can submit: and