HERE, WE CAN DARE TO SHARE WHAT IS TRUE TO US: Give Us The Floor is a unique safe and supportive community where we help each other. We can talk freely about our struggles and experiences with peers who are going through, or have gone through, the same challenges. We are young people connected by our challenges, interests, and questions.

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3 Ways to get involved
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1- Participate in our Supportive Peer-to-Peer Group Chat(s)
2- Empower your voice and share your struggles, experiences or achievements through videos, photos, graphics, blogs, etc.
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Our Vision

If teenagers can share freely and safely with peers the difficulties they go through, if they can safely voice the challenges they face, there is no more stigma nor taboo and it allows them to believe in themselves and in their future.

Our Mission

To create and support a safe and trustworthy environment where we, as teenagers, know that whatever challenge we struggle with, Give Us The Floor is THE community where we will find peers that have faced or are facing the same challenges. Teens encourage, support each other, and share wisdom. We share common challenges and we are not alone.


“GUTF has made me realize positive things about myself. It's provided me with a supportive and community-based platform in which I can truly express myself.”

“It's made me realize that there are many people who are going through problems just like I am"

“Made me stopped feeling alone, having a 2nd family”

“GUTF has helped me by putting me in contact with people going through the same things as me.”

"A place where I can express my thoughts, ideas, and emotions without any judgment.”

“GUTF has helped me by knowing that everyone struggles so your not alone and that there is always people to support you.”

“Helped me having more confidence in myself and my skills.

“GUTF has helped me by letting me talk about my struggles"

“GUTF gave me so many chances to communicate to more people. I have noticed that I love helping teens. I may have a low self-esteem but as time goes on I think I know that I have to be more confident in my decisions. I believe that GUTF will help me achieve this goal.”

“It helped me express my emotions better.”

“It has given me the space to find my voice.”

“Being able to talk to people.”

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NEW Blanche Stora Headshot

Hi! I’m Blanche. I’m French and I moved to San Francisco a few years ago. I love it here. All the people are so friendly and every person I meet is different in a good way. I joined Give Us The Floor because I wanted a space where I could talk to other people who have been through the same things as me or who would understand even if they haven’t been through what I have. I love helping people get through challenges or if I can’t help them, at least they know they can talk to me anytime.

I.Shutt Headshot square

Isabella is a true nerd, who loves math and science. She is an avid reader and the best taste-tester. Isabella is an active member of her community and works to lift up the voices of her fellow teens, through leadership positions within her school’s Student Advisory Council, the North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats, and the North Carolina Virtual Public School’s Peer Tutoring Center. She hopes her work with Give Us The Floor will help show adults, and teens themselves, how capable and passionate young people can be. We are the future, after all.

Maggie Headshot

My name is Dai-Ning (Maggie, and I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. I moved to Beijing when I started elementary school and then transferred to the States last year as a sophomore in high school. I live in Anaheim Hills, CA. As an Asian newcomer, racial discrimination and prejudice have then been revealing them quite commonly to me. Here, I don’t want to talk about it too much, as I have no intention to make this bio full of negativity. I just want to highlight my motivation of becoming an intern of GUTF to express myself safely and freely. I am happy that this organization has been founded by our kind and dear Ms. Valerie for the sake of teenagers, and I am forever glad to be a part of this great cause. God bless, and thank you for your time.

Mohammed ibrahim mirza beig 2

Hi, my name is Mohammed and I'm from Texas and I'm your regular band playing 16 year old. I love sports particularly tennis, and I'm a total anime and movie lover. I love computer science it's my true passion and I love to read, especially Edgar Allen Poe or Irving Washington. I'm currently working towards my bachelors and trying to keep up with my band. I joined Give Us The Floor because I've always suffered from extreme academic stress and anxiety; it was so bad that I would become very depressed and would just get stuck but a friend helped me get out of that shadow and now I want to be that friend to others too regardless if their situation is similar to mines or not.

Nia Stanford_squre2

Hello there! I’m Nia and I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Give Us The Floor team! I’m 16 years old, a junior in highschool, and a Multimedia Major! I go to a technological school that specifies by interest and I am in the Multimedia academy! I really love Multimedia - Everything from filmmaking to sculpture really interests me! I’m a writer, director, and everything in between when I need to be, but my real passion lies within film editing! I’m adventurous, bubbly, and in love with meeting new people and learning new things!

Nneoma Emeka 2

Hello my name is Nneoma. I moved to Georgia about 4 years ago. Moving to Georgia has been both a wonderful and eye-opening experience. I have not only met a lot of new people, but I have made new friends and learned quite a lot. I joined Give Us The Floor because I wanted to not only positively impact the lives of my fellow peers, but to also help them realize that they aren't alone through the various channels that Give Us The Floor offers. It is important to know that we all experience the same difficulties and can overcome them together.