HERE, WE CAN DARE TO SHARE WHAT IS TRUE TO US: Give Us The Floor is a unique safe and supportive community where we help each other. We can talk freely about our struggles and experiences with peers who are going through, or have gone through, the same challenges. We are young people connected by our challenges, interests, and questions.

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Our Vision

If teenagers can share freely and safely with peers the difficulties they go through, if they can safely voice the challenges they face, there is no more stigma nor taboo and it allows them to believe in themselves and in their future.

Our Mission

To create and support a safe and trustworthy environment where we, as teenagers, know that whatever challenge we struggle with, Give Us The Floor is THE community where we will find peers that have faced or are facing the same challenges. Teens encourage, support each other, and share wisdom. We share common challenges and we are not alone.


“GUTF has made me realize positive things about myself. It's provided me with a supportive and community-based platform in which I can truly express myself.”

“It's made me realize that there are many people who are going through problems just like I am"

“Made me stopped feeling alone, having a 2nd family”

“GUTF has helped me by putting me in contact with people going through the same things as me.”

"A place where I can express my thoughts, ideas, and emotions without any judgment.”

“GUTF has helped me by knowing that everyone struggles so your not alone and that there is always people to support you.”

“Helped me having more confidence in myself and my skills.

“GUTF has helped me by letting me talk about my struggles"

“GUTF gave me so many chances to communicate to more people. I have noticed that I love helping teens. I may have a low self-esteem but as time goes on I think I know that I have to be more confident in my decisions. I believe that GUTF will help me achieve this goal.”

“It helped me express my emotions better.”

“It has given me the space to find my voice.”

“Being able to talk to people.”

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My name is Brook, I’m 13, and I use she/her pronouns. I’m super excited to be part of the GUTF team! I currently reside in Colorado, but my family has never been known for staying in one place for long. I really enjoy doing makeup, reading, and working towards a better future with activism. I joined Give Us The Floor because it’s rare that our voices are heard as teens, and I really want to help change that. I also hope to gain a new perspective on experiences that I didn’t have before. I’m ecstatic to see what this opportunity and GUTF will lead to in the future!

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Isabella is a true nerd, who loves math and science. She is an avid reader and the best taste-tester. Isabella is an active member of her community and works to lift up the voices of her fellow teens, through leadership positions within her school’s Student Advisory Council, the North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats, and the North Carolina Virtual Public School’s Peer Tutoring Center. She hopes her work with Give Us The Floor will help show adults, and teens themselves, how capable and passionate young people can be. We are the future, after all.


I’m Lindsey Luis, 17-year-old from Vancouver, Washington state. I have a strong passion for social justice and one day want to create a change in this world that will live on far beyond myself! I believe there are many issues in this world that need to be changed, which is what led me to become involved in politics and political activism. I hope to one day become the first Mexican-American female president! I’ve joined GUTF because I want to learn more from people. I want to one day be able to represent those who have little to no representation in society and Give Us The Floor gives me that opportunity which I have been searching for.

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My name is Maddie. I’m a 17-year-old high schooler living in South Carolina. I love art, music, and self-expression. My main goal in life is to continue learning, no matter how much I think I know and to keep searching for new options and learning from those around me. I joined GUTF to help raise awareness to issues as well as to help other teens who, like me, struggle with a multitude of hurdles in their daily lives.

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Hi, my name is Mohammed and I'm from Texas and I'm your regular band playing 16 year old. I love sports particularly tennis, and I'm a total anime and movie lover. I love computer science it's my true passion and I love to read, especially Edgar Allen Poe or Irving Washington. I'm currently working towards my bachelors and trying to keep up with my band. I joined Give Us The Floor because I've always suffered from extreme academic stress and anxiety; it was so bad that I would become very depressed and would just get stuck but a friend helped me get out of that shadow and now I want to be that friend to others too regardless if their situation is similar to mines or not.


My name is Sophia. I am 16 years old and I will be a senior this coming fall. I love music, animals, and writing. My main goal in life is to constantly learn new things. After high school, I hope to attend Erie Community College for my Associate's in Business Administration, then Mount Aloysius for my MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and my Bachelors in American Sign Language. After that, I would like to pursue my Masters and doctorate in  Sign Language Interpretation and Clinical Research from Gallaudet University. I originally joined GUTF to just write a few articles here and there that I wouldn't normally have the chance to write for the other organizations, but then I got into one of the supportive group chats and now I want to be involved in any way I can. I am so grateful for this opportunity as an intern and I can't wait to create some great work for everyone!




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