Creator Teen Intern Agreement_Under 18_June 2022

  • Give Us The Floor is a registered 501©3 non-profit organization and a community led by teens, for teens. Our mission: provide a safe space in which teens can support each other and share their experiences and struggles in person and online. Teens take on a role or roles to build their skills as leaders, innovators, and active community members and are supported by the adult team. We respect privacy and will NEVER communicate your personal information to anybody. Look at our terms of service, privacy policy, community rules.

    Please carefully read through each item. By signing, you are agreeing and committing to uphold everything listed in this contract.

    1. As a Leader and Creator Intern, you will be a full team member. However, it is important to note that this role is an internship, NOT an employee role, therefore you are not entitled to unemployment benefits. Your role is to promote, recruit, and create content to raise awareness about teen challenges, but also achievements.

    1-month paid internship June 1st, 2022 – June 30th, 2022: Total stipend is $75

    Voluntary Portion

    • Be an involved teen team member
    • Follow us on Instagram and YouTube
    • Participate in at least 2 online trainings to train you on the content you'll have to create
    • Raise awareness about GUTF
      • Make announcements on your social media profiles, post flyers around your community
      • Get friends/peers interested in participating in a supportive group chat

    Paid Internship Commitments

    • Each week
      • Create at least 3 graphics on the topics given to you, that meet our submission standards
      • Create at least 1 IG Reels video on the topics given to you, the meet our submission standards
      • Like AND comment on at least 3 Instagram posts per week
      • Like AND comment on at least 1 video on Youtube
      • Share, at least once a week, on Instagram, something you’re doing for GUTF
    • Once a Month
      • Film yourself (vlog) on the topic given to you (The adult team will edit)
      • Interview one of your peers on a topic given to you (The adult team will edit)

    • Attend online meetings when requested by the adult team or by other interns as needed
    • You could also be assigned other duties such as reviewing the website, a campaign, answering surveys etc.

    $75 will be paid each month only if you do all that is required of you each month. It may take up to three weeks to receive your check in the mail once you have submitted your "invoice."

    Stipend Deductions and Termination:

    • We divide the total monthly stipend amount by the required hours and begin deducting for missed tasks or tardiness after the 10 minutes grace period to promote professionalism and accountability.
    • If you are not following through or demonstrating the behavior, leadership, and/or commitment that’s expected of you, Give Us The Floor reserves the right to terminate your internship at any time, with 24hrs notice.

    2. Interns and their guardians (If Intern is under 18) are required to comply with any and all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, and report for tax purposes as required by law.

    3. You release Give Us The Floor from all liability relating to injuries that may occur during Give Us The Floor meetings, activities, and events. By signing this waiver, you agree to hold Give Us The Floor entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred.

    You swear that you are participating voluntarily, and that you do not have any conditions that will increase your likelihood of experiencing injuries while engaging in activities such as attending group meetings, participating in creative projects, attending events etc. You acknowledge that as an intern, you are not considered an employee of Give Us The Floor and are not entitled to unemployment benefits.

    4. Give Us The Floor is a supportive and safe community of teens. You agree to follow these rules:

    • Whatever is shared within members of the organization stays there. We do not gossip.
    • We can talk casually and freely.
    • It's important that we remain open to others and new ideas.
    • We agree to disagree. We respect each other’s values.
    • We always have the right to pass. No one forces anyone to speak or do anything. Do what’s best for you as an individual.
    • If you are harassed or treated in an inappropriate way by other member(s) or adult(s), or if you are the witness of such behavior, it is your duty to report it immediately to an adult volunteer or employee. Note: Give Us The Floor runs background checks on every adult in contact with teen members. If someone is hurting you or another member, then that person can potentially hurt others.

    A Mandated Reporting situation for the adult team is if a member is involved in, threatened by, or could potentially be involved in a situation that is violent in any way (self-harm or harm to others). This includes: suicide, child abuse, violence, or murder.

    By signing below, you forfeit all rights to bring a suit against Give Us The Floor for any reason. You will make every effort to obey safety precautions as explained to me verbally by Give Us The Floor staff and teen leaders. You will also ask for clarification when needed.

    5. You hereby grant Give Us The Floor and its legal representatives the irrevocable right to use and publish any and all photography, videography, audio file and/or any material that has been taken of you at Give Us The Floor events (whether in person or online) for any purpose, without compensation to you. You grant Give Us The Floor the right to use, modify, reproduce, display, adapt, and transmit any photograph, digital image, video, audio files. All files are wholly owned by Give Us The Floor. Give Us The Floor will not publish minors’ private information without prior agreement and will protect as much as it can minors’ private information.

    You acknowledge that Give Us The Floor has no control over and is not responsible for any use or misuse including, but not limited, to any alteration, modification, reuse or distortion of my photograph, video, audio files etc. that may occur or be caused by third parties. Give Us The Floor will not be monitoring and has no control over third parties’ use or misuse of my photograph, video, audio files etc.

    6. You hereby grant to Give Us The Floor and its legal representative and assigns the irrevocable right to use and publish on any platform any creative piece that you have submitted to GUTF and this for any purpose, without compensation to you. This piece(s) are voluntarily created and submitted by you. This includes but is not limited to blogs, vlogs, videos, photos, audio files, poems, animation, designs, coding etc.

    You swear that the creative pieces you will submit to GUTF for publishing are your own creation, are completely created by you and do not infringe any copyrights. You understand that you must cite your sources when using any part of something another person said or wrote and that not doing so is considered plagiarism. You hereby release Give Us The Floor and his/her legal representatives from all claims and liability relating to said creations. You certify that before submitting any pieces to Give Us The Floor you have obtained releases from any person that appears in your pieces when people can be recognized whether by image or sound.

    Give Us The Floor will sometimes ask you if you want to be credited with your first name and social media handles. If there is no response from you in time for publication, GUTF will have the right to decide to credit the piece or not with your first name (Within a delay of 48hrs).

    You acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms of the 6 parts of this agreement, waiver and release and that you agree to the above terms.

    You understand that Give Us The Floor reserves the right to terminate any involvement you have with GUTF if you don’t follow the rules and guidelines above.

    To make this agreement valid, please send a copy of your ID to

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  • If you are under 18, a guardian’s signature is needed below.

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