Grass Roots Gay Rights Grant Helps Give Us The Floor Expand Crisis Support Hours for LGBTQIA+ Youth

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We are pleased to announce that Give Us The Floor has been chosen by the Grass Roots Gay Rights Foundation (GRGRF) as a 2023 non-profit grant beneficiary.

How Give Us The Floor will use this grant:

With funds from GRGR Foundation, GUTF will save more lives and help youth in crisis be safe. We will extend crisis support evening hours by two hours (until 10pm) to support LGBTQ+ youth in crisis, seven days a week. This will allow us to directly support 88% of the total reported crises.

We will also implement AI functionalities to support youth in crisis during the remainder of the night hours.

That’s a big deal!

You can learn more about the GRGR grant program and the 2023 recipients on the GRGR website here.

If you would like to further support Give Us The Floor’s work to provide a safe space for LGBTQIA+ teens to connect and get help from their peers, please visit out our donation page.